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Housewares - Accessories

Extra Long Matches
Safety matches...
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Cooks Matches
Average content of box: 220 matches...
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Hotspot Stove Rope 6Mm
Hotspot glass fibre woven stove rope is...
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Heatbond Stove Adhesive 30Ml
Hotspot Heatbond Stove Rope Adhesive wi...
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Black Grate Polish 75Ml
Hotspot black grate polish is a water b...
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Hotspot Glass Cleaner 320Ml
Glass Cleaner cleans where household wi...
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Coal Tongs Black 350Mm
Length: 350mm Robust cast iron...
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Hotspot Stove Paint 250Ml
Hotspot High Temperature Stove Paint 25...
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Ash Pan & Handle 16 Inch
Ash Pan and handle...
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Hotspot Chimney Cleaner 750Gm
Hotspot flue free chimney cleaner is a ...
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Black Tongs 450Mm
Black Eye Handle Tongs with twist effec...
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Hotspot Glass Cleaner 750Ml
Hotspot Stove Glass Cleaner 750ml...
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