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Housewares - Descaling And Unblocking

Citric Acid 250Gm
Citric Acid is a limescale remover, con...
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Viakal 500Ml
Viakal dissolves limescale and delivers...
View View Viakal 500Ml
Oust Machine Cleaner 2 Sach
Oust Dishwasher and Washing Machine Des...
View View Oust Machine Cleaner 2 Sach
Kilrock Descaler
Its the one that works, The original Ki...
View View Kilrock Descaler
Hg Scale Away 500Ml
Where there is water, there is limescal...
View View Hg Scale Away 500Ml
Descalite Kettle Descaler 250Ml
Descalite Kettle Descaler 250ml Rapid ...
View View Descalite Kettle Descaler 250Ml
Spirits Of Salts 500Ml
This item is only available ...
View View Spirits Of Salts 500Ml
Caustic Soda 500Gm
Jeyes branded Kleen off super strength ...
View View Caustic Soda 500Gm
Hg Liquid Drain Unblocker 1Ltr
HG liquid drain unblocker is very safe...
View View Hg Liquid Drain Unblocker 1Ltr
Bathroom Plughole Unblocker 300Gm
Dissolves hair and soap. Stops slow dra...
View View Bathroom Plughole Unblocker 300Gm
Kitchen Plughole Unblocker 200Gm
Blasts fat and food. Clears compact deb...
View View Kitchen Plughole Unblocker 200Gm
Sink Shower & Bath Unblocker 500Ml
Knock Out Sinks, Showers and Baths Unbl...
View View Sink Shower & Bath Unblocker 500Ml